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Enjoying the show!
Enjoying the show!
Enjoying the show!


Selkie Selkie Satisfied Selkie
She LOVES it! And not only does she enjoy watching it, we believe it went a long way toward her rehabilitation. While she still has some wobbliness, she has become MUCH better, and is now very good at tracking and catching things on her own. (She couldn't do that at all successfully before.) Because of her improvement, we've been able to allow her outside while supervised, and her further improvement has been incredibly dramatic.
In fact, she loves the video so much she has asked for it daily for the last year! We frequently leave it on for her while she's in the house, and she sits for hours alternately watching the movie and napping. We think she has even memorized her favorite parts because she frequently seems to anticipate the moves of the animals on the screen.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, loving product. It has made a HUGE difference in at least one little cat's life! - Morgan

Kitties! I have one cat that has watched the video as many as 7 times in one sitting. They love it!!!
(That's Gracie on the left, and Big Boss on the right.)



Comfy? Best seat in the house This is great stuff!
Greetings....I purchased your Video Catnip Entertainment For Cats VHS in 1989; the quality has finally deteriorated to the point where I must replace it. Ha..not bad for 18 years of viewing!! I found your website and I'm so glad you still sell them. Today I'm ordering a DVD of Catnip Video. Here's a photo of my pal Tom Cruiser...we call him Cruiser for short. He loves Catnip Video every morning while we drink our coffee. Also pictured is Little Guy Foxx and the neighbour cat Mizette (a granddam amoung cats); our boys step aside for her!

Thanks for a great product!- Roberta H.

Simone Hi. I have one of your original VHS tapes and our new cat Oreo loves it (see attached photo). Thank you for allowing us to get so much joy over the years. I see you have new DVDs now and I will be getting some more in the future. I have also passed your website link onto all my cat lover friends/family.

-Best, Shirley R.

Amy & Tony Amy & Tony Josie
I?m sending you photos of our cats Tony & Amy (and Josie) watching the DVD ? they love it. Especially Tony! Thanks for your time and your product!

- Sincerely, Janice F.

The Crew loves Video Catnip! The Crew loves Video Catnip! The Crew loves Video Catnip!
Just a quick note to say our crew loves the video catnip DVD. Many thanks for making their day!

- Peggy L.

Cleo Whenever Cleo hears the music start, she comes running and sits in her chair to watch. She has her own TV in the basement so the adults can watch more boring shows upstairs.

Sue H.


Ches My cat Ches loves the new video that he got!  He can't get enough!

Thanks - Lauren, North Carolina


Stormy & Jinga Stormy & Jinga Stormy & Jinga
Stormy (the Tortuous shell) and Jinga (the Bengal) really enjoy watching the video.  All I have to say is hey where?s the birds and they both come running and take their places one on the end of my coffee table and the other on the end of the couch. They both will sit there and watch the whole video.

- Scott S.

Simone The World-Famous Simone enjoying your website for cats!

Here?s a photo of my cat enjoying your website. Her name is Simone and she is two. I always have to push her paws out of the way so I can work.

-Simone and Maryanne M. from West Deptford, NJ!

Smokey Smokey Smokey
Smoky, one of my cats was recently diagnosed as being a diabetic. He has been very depressed from all his trips to the emergency room and the vet. So, I bought my cat a VCR and Video Safari 2 for Christmas. His picture is attached, He is the one on the bed with his Mom on the right, and his Aunt on the left. His brother is on the floor trying to figure out how to climb into the TV. It has helped in his recovery and really cheered him up. He has asked that we order some more video tapes and suggests you make them longer. He would also like to know how we get the birds in the TV.

- Phil H.

Rusty & Samantha Hi, I am attaching a picture of 2 of our cats (the mama was sleeping) watching the Catnip DVD we got them for Christmas! They are brother and sister (3 years old) and our babies! On the left is Rusty and on the right is his sister Samantha (Sammi for short). Rusty tried getting into the TV at first...then settled into the chair to watch. He'd leave and come back from time to time but his sister didn't move through the whole DVD! was the best entertainment I had in a long time, watching my babies watch this DVD!

-Becky (TN)

Rice and Weetzie Bat Thank you! The DVD is the best quality, it plays fine and my cats Rice and Weetzie Bat LOVE it, as you can see from the attached picture. They sat in front of it for almost 2 hours yesterday. I had to turn it off and tell them to go read a book!

Thank you! -Kim

gang of four Kathryn G. of Hampton VA sends us this photo of her enthusiastic gang of four.

Larry Bird Alicia K's kitty "Larry Bird" watches his Video Catnip. Larry Bird

Missy and Sassy Missy and Sassy Missy and Sassy
Missy and Sassy of Florida enjoy their Video Catnip!

- From Patricia G.

Deliriously Happy Deliriously Happy Deliriously Happy
These came from Nancy Z. who won a Video Catnip DVD from KFSO Radio in Fresno

(Steve, One of my winners sent me some pictures of her cats enjoying the DVD. I thought you might want to see them. -Doug Ray KOOL 92.9 KFSO-Fresno)

Hi Doug, I was a winner of one of Steve Malarkey?s Video Catnip DVDs on your morning program of May 25th. On behalf of my cats, my husband, and myself, thank you so much!!! At first I was a bit skeptical as to whether the video would work, since my cats had never paid attention to the TV before, but seeing is believing. It is so much fun for humans and cats alike, and no actual birds or chipmunks are harmed in the process. The video also (temporarily) takes the cats? minds off destroying the furniture. Thanks again for this great prize!

Best wishes, Nancy Z. Squaw Valley, CA

Goldie & Frederick We are tickled pink that we found you & your awesome Video Catnip. Our cats Goldie & Frederick are enamored by the birds & squirrels, and they demand to watch your DVDs all the time. Even our 2 dogs love to watch! I attached a pic of Goldie & Frederick watching TV (their new favorite hobby). I'm sure you receive a million of these a day & not sure if you update your photo gallery...but just in case...... I attached a web-optimized jpg. Thanks for everything! We'll spread the word about your products....I know what we're giving for Christmas presents!

-Alyson G. Los Angeles, CA 9 Mar '04

Louie watches his Video Catnip

Louie watches his Video Catnip.

I learned about Video Catnip when my Louie was a kitten and shattered his elbow. The surgeon who wired it together told me Louie would have to be crated for six weeks. When I got on the internet and asked friends how I could keep him from being bored, one person suggested Video Catnip. That tape was and has been a life saver!

Louie likes his Catnip too!

Thank you, Isabel C and Digipets!

Louie watches his Video Catnip

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